Diverse team for individual solutions

CS Marketing & Sales Solutions unites a diverse team of experts who contribute their expertise in communication and project management as well as dedicated industry know-how. Strategic partners have many years of experience in consulting and implementing solutions. For professional implementation, we also work with experts who have specific expertise, e. g. in text editing or design. 


Regina Demmel

Agile Project Manager,


Regina is our expert for project management in e-business and digital brand communication, and the calming element between all parties involved in the project - virtually and analogue. She led international project teams to success with her friendly, customer-oriented manner. Her references include well-known banks and insurance companies, household appliance manufacturers and technology groups. Regina has profound expertise in eCommerce, eCRM, SEO/SEA, social media as well as communication and web platforms.


Stefan Seidel

Data Scientist and 3D Data Specialist, Hamburg

Stefan supplements CS Marketing & Sales Solutions with his industry expertise and technical know-how. His experience in engineering, the food and certification industry enriches marketing and sales strategies in B2B. Stefan's passion for the automated analysis of complex data of different formats is a real added value when it comes to measuring the success of digital communication and to performing analyses, e.g. for the development of Buyer Personas.


Kevin Elliott

Digital Artist,
Hong Kong

Kevin's experience in game development and design brings a breath of fresh air to B2B designs. He breaks traditional patterns and finds the right balance between consistency and change. Experienced in working with a wide range of 2D and 3D design programs, such as Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya or Substance Painter, he is the right person to cast your message into the right form that will positively surprise your target group.